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*Ideas* people, power couple, sandwich lovers and club advocates. Here for you. Because a problem shared, is a problem halved.

If you’ve landed here, you’ve probably hit a HR snag. Been caught off guard about a contract you didn’t realise you needed. Or a toxic employee you know *has* to go (but how?).

It’s left you frantically Googling for answers. Because you need support now (and holding off isn’t an option). Good news. We’re here to help. And prepare you for success in the future (so this dreaded feeling slowly fades – knowing you’ve got trusty business buddies guiding you through).
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Words from our club members

“HIGHLY recommend the incredible team at Club Sandwich HR. They are pure professionals and have saved me a couple of times. They're approachable, knowledgeable and most of all, relatable! Was very easy to digest all the info they provided and I will continue to use them as my business expands.”
-Rachelle Saevil, Saevil Row

Meet Kateena

Founder + Head of HR

- Ex-ballerina
- Cheese + wine enthusiast

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It was during Kateena’s Bachelor of Psychological Science when she discovered her passion for people at work. What motivates? Excites? Inspires?  This questioning led Kateena to her first HR consultant role in a donga office… in a dirt car park, helping a beverage canmaking plant (yes, really).

Moving on to work at Icon Cancer Care, an Arab bank, and in recruitment for Public Health England – Kateena finished a UK stint as a HR Manager at Havas People. Throughout these roles Kateena became increasingly aware of how much more value could be added to businesses. Not just compliance, but actual 1:1 support too.

It was on a 9-pound flight to Copenhagen that Kateena dreamed up the idea to help small businesses with outsourced HR. So on March 10, 2019, Club Sandwich HR launched its Brisbane-based solutions into the world.

Meet Aaron

General Manager

- King of odd jobs
- ‘how it’s made’ binger

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Aaron’s background might surprise you. Amongst stints as a gravestone installer, cardboard box factory worker, fishmonger and herb farmer, he found his “proper career” in engineering consulting.

Throughout this menagerie of jobs, Aaron discovered his sweet spot. Connecting people and information.

As an ex-Operations Manager and multiple business owner (add those to the list!), Aaron joined the Club Sandwich HR team in January 2020.

Aaron’s varied history means helping teams thrive is in his DNA. Bringing a profit-conscious mindset, systemisation insights and impeccable abilities to match the right people with the right jobs, Aaron’s your guy for all things business strategy.

Meet Katie

Head of Experience

- Co-Cheese + wine enthusiast
- obsessed pug mum

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For over 10 years, Katie has been helping businesses develop HR and employee experience strategies to evolve their culture, and increase organisational capability and performance through their people.

As a qualified HR professional, Katie loves working with growing businesses and is driven to create workplaces where teams feel connected through thriving relationships and individuals are empowered and enabled to do their best work.

A master of connection, Katie plays a key role in building and nurturing relationships to help deliver an exceptional experience for our clients!

Meet Steph

HR Consultant + Training Guru

- Avid collector
- Golden latte lover

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Steph has a passion for learning and development, and creating an incredible employee experience. She's worked across operational and HR roles in the tech industry giving her a unique perspective and supports her teams with empathy and joy!

Meet Murray

Club Mascot + Head of Naps

- Sleeping on the job
- Shavasana expert

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Murray has been part of Club Sandwich HR since it's beginning and has become a pivotal part of the team. He does sleep on the job, steal your lunch and interrupt video calls, but we think the pros outweigh the cons.

Through proper performance management, we encourage good behaviour with treats and belly rubs (we do not recommend belly rubs for all employees).

As an accomplished Yogi, Murray brings a wealth of experience in stretching and relaxation to the team.

Meet the people we hang with


- ER and IR Specialist
- Love helping people through the challenging times

more on our Partners

As well as our core team within the Club Sandwich HR office, we partner with specialists around Australia to ensure we have all bases covered. With our partnerships in place, our clients can be assured that they are getting the best advice in all situations and no matter what life throws at us, we'll be able to work through it.

DWF Lawyers
Law Squared

We're the HR consultants SMEs like you turn to for a new business buddy, celebrations + support through even the crummiest situations (made a bit better by us being there).
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We're straight shooters. On the court and chatting with you. Not ones to sideswipe you with an unexpected bill or add on sneaky extras you never really needed.
Phone, email, visit to the office. We're there. And here when you need us most. Or as Elise says we are "reliable and fast to respond, while being full of knowledge".
We don't take ourselves too seriously and are always looking for places to sprinkle our fun. Striving to make even the crummy situations a bit better by being there for you.

Say buh-bye to client numbers

We couldn't stand faceless HR businesses taking calls from anxious business owners. Giving robot-like responses, then leaving them in the dark. Feeling more alone than before they got in touch.

SMEs like you are after a new business friend (who's clued up and follows through). Someone to say: "Yeah, this sucks. But you know what? We're gonna get through it."

That's why Kateena founded Club Sandwich HR in 2019. With one vision. To create a place where SMEs feel welcome, supported and empathised with.

We become your secrete weapon in the trenches through the tough times. And the people you call when you've had a business win. Welcome to the Club!

Maybe you're wondering...

"I'm a people person. Do I really need HR?"

We get it. We’re people people too! (Well, people *and* compliance people). In the short-term you may get away with managing HR yourself. And we’re all for empowering you with the knowhow (that’s what our 1:1 chats are for!).  But long-term, hiccups are bound to arise. Maybe a workplace complaint you weren’t prepared for, or an employee isn't performing, even after plenty of coaching.  That’s where HR support sets you up for success, and supports you through the crummy times. Don’t get us wrong – we love people people! But an extra slice of support and compliance? It just makes sense to complement your skillset too.

“It’s all *up here.* I haven't needed stuff written down yet. Why would I now?”

Good question.  And lucky you for not yet feeling the pain from NOT writing things down! If so, you’re in a great position. This means you can act proactively (before something crummy happens). Then? In the case you need to refer to your expectations of staff, a contract or system for onboarding a team member?  You’ll be ready and raring to go. By having clear (easy) systems in place, it really does pay off long-term.

“But can’t I just download HR contracts online for free?”

While free templates are tempting, they can cause a world of pain long-term (ouch). And unfortunately, this is often discovered once it’s too late. Maybe there’s a missing clause required by your business. You’re outside of your legal rights. Or the template’s actually only applicable in certain countries (and potentially not Australia).  With Club Sandwich HR’s contracts, we make sure each element is applicable to you (and even brand them up, so they look pretty too).

“I don’t have employees, just subcontractors. Can you still help me?”

You betcha.  Culture, compliance and creative business strategies still apply to freelancers with outsourced support. Perhaps you’re leading a remote team and want to keep everyone motivated. You want to give subcontractors more reason to feel as strongly about your business as you do. Or improve your customer experience. We can help all SMEs (with employed and subcontracted staff).

“I have an accountant and my dad’s friend’s a lawyer. Do I need to work with you too?”

Good news for you, we work like a trio of dips with your accountant and lawyer. They manage payroll, employment contracts and Fair Works claims. Then we help with the more hands-on, personalised and day-to-day people management. We also make sure you’re up to date with the latest compliance legislation (which general lawyers and accountants wouldn’t).  Snack note: Club Sandwich HR’s employment lawyers write up your contracts, so they’re bang on quality.

“I can’t afford you, what are my options?”

Just like ordering the whole menu, sometimes the pocket shakes its head at business investments. But just because you’re a small business (that’s us, too!) doesn’t mean you should miss out on HR support. We created our 1:1 Strategy Session for this very reason. As a small investment ($270) you’ll have the opportunity to ask us ANY HR questions. Whether it’s compliance and systems, staff issues or bringing someone on. For our larger packages, we also offer payment plans. This way you can part-pay along the way. Just ask us about our payment plans when you get in touch.

“How could young’uns like you ‘get’ an established, growing business like mine?”

Don’t be fooled by these majestic faces radiating with youth.  Together, we have 25+ years industry experience with small businesses through multi-million dollar corporations.  In fact, we also run Equity HR for larger organisations. Check it out if you’re larger than a SME.

“I’m not in Brisbane, can we still work together? And if I want you to visit in person, do I have to buy your flights?”

Sure can.
We offer remote and in-person solutions across Australia. If you opt for in-person HR (like with a Training Membership) we’ll factor in costs for facilitation into the package for you.

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