4 Signs it might be time to grow your team!

There are obviously a LOT of things to consider when looking to grow your team by bringing on another employee or even freelancer. After talking to many a business owner about growing their team, we’ve gathered the top signs it might be time to add to your headcount.

Disclaimer: obviously growing a team is not for everyone and we also know plenty of business owners who are super happy to be flying solo! #youdoyou

You’re turning away work.

While a ‘Booked out until *4 months time*’ post feels and looks pretty great on Instagram, getting to a point where you are at or overcapacity may mean you have to say no to (or don’t get approached for) amazing opportunities for your business. Freelance, casual or fixed term contract arrangements might be great short term solutions to get you through a busy patch, or if the enquiries keep flowing and you’re looking to grow, it could be time for a more permanent solution.

Your service is slipping.

Most service-based business owners L.O.V.E the idea (and practice) of delivering excellent customer service. Often it is a key driver for why we got into this gig in the first place – because we knew it could be done better! So, if you notice your service is starting to slip, whether it be response time to enquiries, turnaround time of projects, or following through on your nurture process, it’s time to have a think. Do you need another one of you to be delivering your service to your clients, or do you need an assistant or VA to help you to manage the key touchpoints across your client experience?

You’re being asked for services outside your skillset.

As a business owner it’s important to understand what our key skills are and to niche into those. But if there are services that are well aligned to your core offering, or are services you offer but don’t love doing, it might be time to get someone else involved to take on that piece. You have likely heard that it’s important to hire for your gaps (in your knowledge, experience or behavior preferences), well this is exactly that!

You’re working more than you want to be.

There is no magic number of hours because this will be different for everyone. There is, definitely, an expectation that business owners will work more than the Average Joe, but the beauty is that you get to decide what that looks like for you.

Bonus: You love working with others

It’s no secret that being a business owner can be lonely. If you are someone who gets energy from other people, love a good brainstorm session or having the big picture ideas and seeing someone else do all the detailed bits – a team member might be right up your alley!

Written by
Kateena Mills