The festive period is a great time to take a breath and reflect on the triumphs and victories of the year that was; especially when you share this time with your team and give them some kudos for their success too.

We don't think that celebrations should be kept exclusively for the end of the year, though, and so we've rounded up some ways to incorporate winning moments into your team, whatever the season!


Whether in a team meeting, or via your internal social channels (i.e., Slack or Teams), have everyone share their win for the week. In 2020, our team is going to be writing these wins down and collecting them in a jar to look back on at the end of each quarter - double celebration!


Know what is happening in your people’s lives (that they are willing to share, you put that detective magnifying glass away!) and celebrate with them. Whether it's buying their first car, moving out of home, making their footy grand finals or paying off their credit card. You could get them a token gift or just give them a shout out and high five!


Celebrate promotions. up-skills and cross-skills within your team and share the career stories and impacts since these people joined your business as an opportunity to show others the progression and development that is possible!  


These internal wins make great content, so take some photos and tell the world! By celebrating your team wins with your broader community you are helping to build your employer brand for prospective employees and give your customers or clients the peek behind the curtain that makes them feel more connected!

A little while ago we also put some other tips together on how to motivate your team on a personal level, check out our blog ‘Stop treating others how you’d Like to be treated!

Written by
Kateena Mills