Telco Solutions article ‘How to adapt your telecoms for a modern workforce’ featured advice from our Founder, Kateena Mills, on how to best manage remote workers to ensure engagement, productivity and positive culture contribution.

Kateena Mills, Founder and People and Culture Consultant at Club Sandwich Consulting, advises: "Flexible working and remote working require a great deal of trust from the organisation and autonomy and accountability on the side of the employee. When managed well it can be a great benefit for employees which in turn spurs them to work hard and be productive, although when managed poorly it can lead to disengaged employees who are not as productive or connected to the business/brand/purpose as they might be if they were in the physical office.

"When you start to have members of the team working remotely, you have to be much more intentional about your cultural activities and ensuring people are connected to the business and to each other to maintain engagement and productivity. Things like regular video meetings, online 'watercooler' chats through systems like Slack or Teams, and regular opportunities to meet face to face and put ‘faces to names’. I believe flexible working should be assessed on a case by case basis taking into consideration the role, expectations, reason for flexible working, commitment and trust of the employer/employee relationship and many other factors."

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Written by
Aaron Wells