HR Packages for SMEs

Employees taking a million and twenty-seven sick days?  Need fresh ideas to boost productivity? Dreading your next hire?

Whether you’re after snackable support, official HR documents  or a clear roadmap forward. You’re in the right place.  Each HR Package comes with personalised HR assistance 1:1 with you.


Bite-sized support and clarity, no matter your HR issue.

'The Classic'

All the contracts and policies you need to cover your butt.

'Recipe for Success'

Build the team structure and HR strategy to support your growth plans.
1:1 Strategy Session

Bite-sized support and clarity, no matter your HR issue

Compliance Q? Advice on letting someone go? New ideas to boost staff morale? Whatever it might be, this HR package is perfect for answering any HR questions. Brainstorming, strategies, resolutions. It’s all right here in our 1:1 HR package.

Leave feeling empowered, prepared and confident about your next steps!

What’s inside:
- Pre-session questionnaire
- 90-minute video call
- Written summary of meeting + key advice

Depending on availability, our 1:1 chat could be today! Find out here.

"Within half an hour, what seemed like a looming mountain of unknown impossibilities was suddenly not only achievable but easier than I could have hoped."
-Kate Karanges, The Latest
'The Classic'
Performance + Prevention

All the policies + contracts you need to cover your butt

If thinking about your employment contracts (or lack of!) makes you cringe, or you think a Modern Award is a fun prize - this pack's for you.
We'll review your Award requirement, personalise documents for your business and equip you with the foundational HR structures to get your compliance ducks in a row.

Have peace of mind knowing you're prepared with the legal docs and clear expectations.

What’s inside:

- 2 x 30-minute video calls
- Employment contracts
- Award Review* + summary info sheet
- HR policies
- + more

*We'll review up to 4 roles for this price, if you have a bigger team, get in touch to chat about $$

'Recipe for Success'
HR Strategy+ Structure

Build the team structure and HR strategy to support your growth plans.

Big business plans call for big people plans. We'll map out your future organisational structure and the steps to achieve it!
Based on your vision, values and business goals we'll plan out key activities for you to implement over the next 12 months.
Know the exact trajectory of your business, people and culture-wise for a more motivated, satisfied and efficient team.

Increase efficiency, measure growth and work towards goals for a satisfied and profitable team!

What’s inside:
- Pre-session questionnaire
- 90-minute video call
- 12-month HR strategy plan
- Current + future organisational structure, plus implementation steps
- 45-minute structure + strategy handover session

Roll out your 'Recipe for Success' yourself, or we can do it within a Club Membership!

Extra slices of peace of mind
Build your own tasty HR solution!

Better Business
Growth + Performance
  • Organisation structure
  • Performance reviews
  • Position description
  • Salary reviews
  • Bonus structure
  • Probation reviews
  • Manager coaching
  • Professional development plans
  • Succession planning
  • Psychometric testing
  • Recruitment support
More Satisfied Teams
Culture + Connection
  • Vision, purpose and values
  • Staff engagement survey
  • Reward and recognition frameworks
  • Onboarding and induction plans
  • Team building
  • Exit and staying interviews
  • Communication structures
  • Employee listening strategies
  • Team training sessions
  • Employee experience analysis
Clear Processes
Policy + Prevention
  • Policies
  • Employment contracts
  • Award reviews
  • Compliance training
  • Misconduct management
  • Disciplinary coaching & templates
  • Redundancies
  • Terminations
  • HR Information
  • Complaints handling
  • Workplace investigation

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